Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top Ten Things I hope to Hear during the Sentencing of the Ft Hood Shooter

Here now are the top things I hope to hear during the sentencing of this cockbag who killed his fellow soldiers and didn't have the courage to just fucking die already and save us all the trouble.

10. "...beaten repeatedly with pork chops..."
9. "...excessively throat punched..."
8. "...non-fatal wounds as a result of bacon-filled hollow points..."
7. "...clean the grease trap of every barbecue pork joint that requests it..."
6. "...cock punched by 70 middle aged midgets with brass knuckles..."
5. "...hold rifle targets at Ft Hood qualifying range..."
4. "...pork lard enema..."
3. "...ham bullet..."
2. "...pig bone coffin..."
1. "...a sociopathic, self centered, homicidal fucktard who is unworthy to wear the uniform of the United States Army. This being a time of war, the Ft Hood commanding General has every right to drag his dumb ass out on the front lawn, shove a ham sandwich up his shit pipe and put two in the back of his skull. Say hi to allah for me, mother fucker!'

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