Monday, January 21, 2013

Nordic Components Low Drag 12ga Follower

This is the Nordic Components low drag 12 gauge follower. This will be another short post because its a pretty simple part.

The good stuff: I originally was using the stock Remington follower, but after seeing how thin the plastic was and dealing with a few tricky reloads, I ended up popping in the follower that came with my Choate extension tube. Talk about a major downgrade! The little polymer sucker jammed up even more than the stock Remington follower! I started looking around for something that would be more robust, yet move easier inside the tube. Long story short, this was the answer and it works like a charm!

The bad stuff: I got nothing. Sorry.

Overall, this didnt speed up my reloads at all, but it definitely make for a more fluid push into the tube. No jamming, no hesitating, the sucker just works. Good product.

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