Monday, January 21, 2013

Winchester Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight

I was originally going to dish out a bunch of cash for Trijicons offering in this category until I happened to be in Walmart and noticed the little Winchester sight. It cost me about 10 bucks.

The good stuff: So far the sight holds tight to the rib of my 11-87 very well. It appears to be some average stamped steel, so I don't know whether that will change over time, but for low price I can stomach buying a couple of spares. Plenty bright for range and competition, particularly in sunny conditions.

 The bad stuff: you get what you pay for. Considering the price point, I imagine I will be replacing it at some point.

Overall a good little gizmo. I haven't been able to find it online, so it might be a Walmart only kinda thing, but thats not really the end of the world. A widely available, low cost fiber optic sight?! Oh no, the horror lol.

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