Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nordic Components Free Float Handguard

Another pretty straight forward AR upgrade. If you can turn an armorers wrench, you can install this barrel nut and the handguard itself can be hand tightened if need be (so long as you have a solid upper receiver fixture, a solid grip and a vise). Be aware that this handguard does not come with any rails or rail mounting hardware.

The model I used was the extended rifle length one, out of consideration for my long gangly ass arms. Even at over 15 inches, it is very light compared to the railed handguards I have used in the past. It does have a tendency to ring metallically when the bolt is sent forward, I think due to the lightweight construction and the material itself. Not a deal breaker, just something that I noticed.

Rail mounting holes are drilled and tapped, and positioned at every angle you could possibly need a rail at (top, bottom, left, right, as well as the 45* positions in between) and rail sections are available from NC for a reasonable price.

Overall a good handguard in the under $100 range. The price is right and with construction like this, it's a great value.

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