Saturday, December 1, 2012

JP Enterprises Captured Recoil Buffer

Not going to go too in depth on this one since its really a pretty straight forward upgrade. Short version, this product takes the concept of a captured spring (which we typically see in handguns, rather than rifles) and shoves it squarely into the buffer tube of an AR. To be honest, if this had come from any other company I would have been dubious, but JP has a solid reputation, and all the write ups seemed solid. The price is a bit high compared with a typical buffer system, so unless you really need the noise reduction and perks of a self contained buffer assembly, this may not be your cup of tea.

I was concerned about being able to tune this system to a specific caliber and load, but it turned out that it will perform perfectly in a variety of calibers. I ran the gauntlet with a 5.56 and .300 BLK upper, with loads ranging from 35gr-90gr in the 5.56 and 110gr-220gr in the 300, and had zero failures the whole day. The captured system doesn't soak up as much of the recoil from the heavy blackout loads as a hydraulic buffer system, but that is easily balanced out with an appropriate compensator or muzzle brake depending on your application.

Overall, a pricey, but effective product.

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