Saturday, December 1, 2012

AR Stoner Extended Scope Mount

I was in the market for a mount for a lower end beater kinda scope, and ran across this option on midway (near as I can tell, AR stoner is basically MidwayUSAs in house store brand line of products. Good stuff if you're on a budget). I was originally going to go with a larue QD mount, but money being a bit tight on this build, I decided to find a more permanent mount that I could just dedicate to that particular upper receiver (which was a good call, since this thing was tricky to get installed and I don't feel like fucking with it anymore).

There are 10 screws holding this little bastard together, and the construction is remarkably simple; just two halves that clamp together over rail and scope all at once. Remove all the screws and dry fit the mount around the scope (you should be doing this with your mounts before installation anyway) then slide the mount onto the rail and adjust your eye relief, before leveling the crosshairs. Tighten the two large screws to 20-25lbs, then insert and tighten the four smaller screws below the scope ring. Lastly, make sure everything is kosher and tighten the top four screws. Simple, right? Lol

Turns out, after a trip to the range, this little "cheap" scope mount is solid as a piece of granite. The simplicity of the design (so long as it is used correctly) reduces the number of ways for this mount to fail, and does just as good of a job as some products costing two or three times as much. I don't know how they managed to price this fucker so low, but god bless their accounting department!

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