Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Craigslist Users - An Open Letter

I thank you for showing interest in my item. I really thought that you would be the one who could take it off my hands, and take care of a small portion of my credit card payment. Instead you decided to do a complete 180 and show your true colors. You sir/ma'am, are a COCKBAG. I'm not sure when I first realized it, but it was most likely when you asked if you could pay me in freaking installments!

Seriously, I am not a freaking car dealership. I am not a credit card company, and I most certainly am not the Sears layaway department! I understand the economy is not the best right now, but did you really think that I would let you, a complete stranger, hand me a hundred dollars and an IOU and walk out the door with my $600 item? FXXX YOU!!!

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