Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black Ops Rant. Bear with me...

 I will freely admit that I am not the most amazing gamer on the planet. I don't play more than maybe an hour a day (if that), but it seems that there are people out there even worse off than me. I refer, of course, to the freaking campers I have been encountering, and they seem to be increasing at an alarming rate! I agree that Treyarch made a good move by taking steps to impede quick scoping (I  appreciate it more than I can express, I really do), but I hope they can find a way to limit the amount of campers that inhabit certain maps.

It doesn't seem to be so much of an issue on the smaller maps (least of all Nuketown; lord knows camping on that one almost universally earns a volley of frag grenades, and a sticky demise) but some of the larger maps almost scream for some kind of limitation. I don't mind playing Jungle with a good group of players who will go toe to toe in a stand up fight, but when you start adding the little tool-bags who go prone in the weeds and just sit there the whole game... Just not fun anymore.

I don't think it has to be a dramatic or complicated change, either. In fact, I would say that the most recent Medal of Honor game had the right idea by not allowing players to go prone in multiplayer. I don't think it's necessary to go that extreme, but if Treyarch limited the amount of time a player could go prone, and then institute a cool down period before the player could go prone again (think the same concept as sprinting, only Jenna Jameson style) it would go a long way toward revving up the pace of some of these slow, camper infested monstrosities.
Anyway, just my $.02. Honestly, I'll be surprised if anyone even reads this, but if you do feel free to drop a comment one way or the other.

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