Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nosler Custom Competition Bullets - Hands on Review

I was looking around for some lower priced alternatives to my much beloved match kings for regular range use, and these fit the bill. I have only used the 155 and 168 grainers thus far, but the performance was pleasantly surprising. Since the 165gr SMKs out of my Savage print .38moa groups at 100 yards, stabilizing into a tidy .35moa at the 500 yard line my aim was for these lower end bullets to at least hold a half inch.

The good stuff: After a little tweaking, both the155 and 168 varieties did just that. Turns out, these are a good budget bullet for the shooter with tight purse strings.

The bad stuff: It is definitely a bargain bin looking bullet. Most of the 250 bullets in each box had very noticeable discoloration and blemishing, though it seemed to be purely cosmetic. Not the end of the world, but still something that bears noting. I haven't fiddled around enough to completely wring all the accuracy out of them, but I get a feeling there's going to be swiftly diminishing returns at around .4moa.

Overall: Bargain bullet, good accuracy for the price. Definately some clear limitations, but I can live with it. It will slam a steel target or a paint can from 500 yards, and that's all I really need from them at this point.

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