Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apex Tactical Competition Action Kit - Hands on Review

Installed this in my M&P9 a while ago and have been holding off on a review to see how it would break in. I won't go into too much detail about whats included in the kit since you can read that on Apex's homepage. Not here to repeat information, sorry. Couple thousand rounds later, and here it goes...
Good Stuff: When they say this kit drops the trigger pull to a smooth, crisp 2.5lbs they are not elaborating in any way shape or form. Mine weighed in at a consistent 2.65, but the smoothness of it caught me off guard to a point I thought impossible. It feels impossibly light.

I don't think it has tightened up my groups at all, but the speed with which I can dish them out is dramatically enhanced. We're not talking a matter of milliseconds, we're talking whole seconds.

The bad stuff: As with all M&P's, the length of the trigger pull continues to be a pain in the ass. Now that Apex has brought their Forward-Set Sear to market, I may have to look into it as further improvement over my current set up.

Overall: Not bad at all. Makes the M&P trigger pull a dream at the range. As the manufacturer cautions, don't EVER EVER EVER try to conceal carry a firearm with this modification on it. I haven't had any issues at the range, but under stress in the real world you sure as hell don't want this light of a trigger. May be overshadowed by the Apex FSS kit, but that doesn't mean this is a bad product.

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