Monday, June 13, 2011

Wallace Eye Surgery, Alexandria Louisiana

Today on "Fuck You Louisiana!" we detail the latest in shitty Ophthalmologists (thats eye doctors for us lay people) in our review of Wallace Eye Surgery in Alexandria Louisiana! The short version is they are lazy and minipulative, but I'll elaborate in a bit.

The Good Things: None that I know of. Seriously. There may be college degrees involved, but that doesnt make these people any more friendly (especially not for us active duty personnel on tricare). For all I know they may do good things for anyone with civilian health insurance, but I'm not one of those people. If you are military, and on Tricare, stay FAR FAR AWAY.

Shitty things/Summary: Don't even come here; they don't care about you or your families health, and they know that the government will pay for the appointment either way so they don't give a shit. They turned my daughters hour long eye exam into a 4 hour nightmare (half of which was because the doctor decided to go on his fucking lunch break instead of doing his job). Next, when I asked them for an explanation, they gave me the run around before finally becoming rude and refusing to tell me any thing until I had a written request for information from Tricare. Finally, despite being active duty and fully covered, they demanded payment up front. I will not be returning; if I have to, I'll drive to San Antonio. I don't know who is more anti-military; the Taliban or Wallace Eye Care and Surgery.

Fuck You Lousiana!
sincerely, me

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