Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fort Polk AAFES Gun Counter

 I guess this doesn't fall into my normal 'Fuck You Louisiana, so I'm giving it its own segment.... "FUCK YOU AAFES!!!".

I've had a couple of dealings with the gun counter at the local aafes establishment and have come to this conclusion: government wages do not buy subject matter experts. My first major issue was when the clerk at the counter tried to tell me that the sight on my special ordered H7R handi rifle was not missing, but in fact was intended to be mounted with a scope. Funny thing was, it had a front sight on it already and holes where the rear sight should have been mounted. Strange how that works out... Anyway, since I had to put money down to get the thing ordered in the first place (and was planning on putting a scope on it anyway) I dropped a complaint in the feedback box and left it at that. Didn't help that deer season was only a efw weeks away and I couldn't wait any longer to get into my load development.

Next incident involved a Taurus pistol. In this case, they let me hold the display model, but not the one in the box that I was actually taking home. Little bit paranoid, but in the wake of the shootings at Ft Hood I guess I understand. Not the end of the world. Get the thing home however, and no one has even bothered to clean the thing off a little. There was so much grease on this gun, I had to break out a whole roll of paper towels to get the thing cleaned up. Not a massive issue, but still an attention to detail thing that should have been addressed at the store (some on, every other gun place I have been to around here cleans their shit before selling it, and this is fucking Louisiana!! Should be ashamed of yourselves AAFES...).

Last straw was the new clerk at the counter trying to explain the merits of the .22lr in a home defense scenario. I know that gun counter folks are wide ranging and tell all kinds of tales, but that's seriously bordering on the irresponsible. The last thing I want is for some random army wife to get into a situation where she thinks that little .22 is going to save her life and it doesn't follow through (because I'm telling your right now, 95 out of 100 times its going to be insufficient). Anyway, long story short, I'm taking my business somewhere else (Like Nichols). Shits sake, I'll even go back to Star Pawn or Walmart before I go back to the Px.

sincerely, me

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  1. I am looking at getting a job at the weapons counter at Ft Polk. While not a subject matter expert on weapons or hunting for that matter, what would be the most important thing that you would want from a gun sales clerk.