Friday, June 17, 2011

AT&T Wireless of Western Louisiana

In a rare double-whammy edition of 'Fuck You Louisiana!' I will be exploring the merits (or in fact, the lack there of) of AT&T Wireless in the central and especially western portion of Louisiana. Now don't get me wrong, every other cell service has garbage service out here, but AT&T is the only one who boasts of having decent service; at least Verizon and the rest can be honest that they don't serve this nasty ass hick region.

We waited 8 months of the last year with garbage phone service because AT&T swore they where installing 3G for the area. One year later, my phone has started saying "3G AT&T", but it's funny... service is just as slow and crappy as it ever was. They offered us a 3G Microcell (basically a mini hot spot that runs off your internet), but it hogs up so much of my already slow internet (see previous rant about suddenlink) that I have to make a decision between internet/Netflix on my xbox or good cell service. This is bullshit people; utter bullshit. Is it really that hard to install sufficient cell phone towers in an area to provide good service? Or have you been serving Lousiana for so long that you've started to take advantage of people like everyone else in this godforsaken shithole of a state? Anyway, I digress.

Fuck You Louisiana!
sincerely, me

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