Sunday, March 27, 2011

Larue Tactical Stealth Upper Reciever Assembly - Hands on Review

It took me a while to fine tune my hand loads with this setup, but it paid of in the end. I have the 18" model with one of Larues modified Harris Bipods and topped with a 3.5x ACOG. It's all fitted to a standard lower reciever assembly with a two stage trigger and some other goodies that aren't really relevant to this post. The barrel is a very fast 1 in 7 twist, so heavy bullets (75 grains and higher) are highly recommended.

Good stuff: The fit is awesome in all respects. I use a accu-wedge with other kids of upper receivers, but the stealth upper fits so tight to my Rock River lower that it isn't necessary. The full length rail handguard is a bit heavy, but this is not a product intended for room clearing or fast-paced competition shooting. At its core, it is a precision marksman rifle so its right at home shooting off bags or a bipod, making the weight much less of an issue.

It took me a good amount of experimentation, but once I got my handloads dialed in I was punching .30 to .35 moa groups at 100yds and beyond (Turns out it likes 77gr Sierra Matchkings and Benchmark powder. Dunno what everyone else is using, but this particular load seems to do the trick for me). My local range maxes out at 550 yds, and I can confirm that it will hit a man-sized target center mass at that distance with relative ease.

Bad stuff: A little tough to get dialed in if you don't handload. Utilizing this set up to its full potential requires some  real customization in regards to ammunition, and the only way to do it economically is to roll your own. Other than that, I really can't say anything bad about it. It's heavy for an AR but as stated above, its meant to be a precision marksman rifle,

Overall: If you are the type who hoses down 25yd targets with a hundred rounds of bulk pack Wolf ammo, this upper is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you want to blast a prairie dog between the eyes at 250yds with the first shot this is about as good as it gets. AR handloaders everywhere rejoice!

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