Sunday, March 27, 2011

Howard Leight Electronic Ear Protection - Hands on Review

I've had a a pair of these on my wish list for a while now, and finally got ahold of them at a good sale price ($50 beats $60 any day of the week). Honestly, I wish I had just bit my lip and paid retail price a year ago. These things are awesome.

Good stuff: They fit under standard issue military helmets very comfortably, so its a much more affordable option than a pricey set of Peltors. When I turn the volume up, I can actually hear a bit better than normal, which will make hunting season that much easier. Another benefit is the inclusion of a standard headphone jack, enabling you to hook up your Ipod or whatever else. This is great, because now they can double as noise canceling headphones (I used mine while mowing the lawn, and can see where they would be a godsend on a airline, in the back of a C17 or near a high-activity airfield).

Bad Stuff: The battery cover is a bit too flimsy for my taste. Mine hasn't been knocked loose yet, but I'm still going try to avoid that with a bit of preventative black duct tape. The headband length adjustment is also a bit loose. Using the very same roll of duct tape, I adjusted the size until I liked it and then taped it in place.

Overall, a great little piece of equipment. I know its designed for the shooting range, but I can see myself using it in a wide variety of applications as well. Definitely worth the money, and a better value (in my opinion) than the more expensive peltor models.

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