Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sumo Parts Review - Subaru Lift Kit

Im really torn on how to feel about this company. The products they create and sell (lift kits for Subaru vehicles) are top notch and I have zero issues... with the products.

It's the people I have had an issue with.

I ordered a lift kit in October. It took eight goddamn months for me to get my kit. Now I understand small business, supply and demand yatta yatta and I can understand a lead time, but I've been told consistently (every three weeks when I ask for an update) that my shit is finished and will ship out the following week.

After the second month, I started getting upset. After the third month I was angry. By the fourth I was genuinely enraged at being treated like a fucking idiot. I even held out faith after I asked for an update on FB messenger and the owner went on a tirade about how fucking awesome his products are and everyone should leave him the fuck alone and be patient.

What makes me most angry is that while I'm being polite and patient and enduring excuse after excuse, the Sumo FB page is loaded with all their little experimental doodads and builds and bullshit. HOW ABOUT YOU TAKE SOME GODDAMN TIME TO CATCH UP ON YOR BACKLOG YOU FUCKS.

Short version, great parts at the cost of the shittiest customer service in the history of modern man.

Also it seems I'm not alone. If you have to deactivate the "reviews" on your FB page to stem the public outrage at your shitty customer service, then people are not the problem. YOU ARE.

Not sure if the bros at Sumo read this, but the super bitchy SM posts made my day. If your management attitude culminates in "my personal life is an acceptable excuse for any and all pitfalls that affect my customers" or "if you question how I respond to criticism or expect me to work faster then fuck you" then you are going to drive away prospective customers.

If Lockheed Martin did this shit, it wouldn't mattter how good the F22 is; no one would fucking buy it.

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