Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fuck You Louisiana! - The Deridder Pizza Hut Chronicles

I dont regularly eat fast food, but when i do it tends to be pizza. Pizza Hut has always been the most convenient and, having no major issues at first, i ordered most of my junk food from them. Unfortunately, the slips ups have become more and more noticeable in the last 6 months. It started subtley with somewhat lukewarm food and the occasional asshole delivery guy. It has since transformed into something else entirely.

The final straw for me was an order i placed online; apparently the delivery drivers car was in the shop so i has to pick my food up from the store. Normally this would be trivial. Shit happens, whatever.

My issue is that they didnt call me until 10 minutes after the food was suppose to be delivered.

So anyway, i get into my car and drive to the store. The parking lot was jam packed, so i had to go through the drive thru which fortunately (i thought) only had two other cars ahead of me. Things went downhill fast.

It took almost 20 minutes to get through those two cars. Not only that, but the gate to the dumpster was left wide open blocking the lane next to the drive thru which, after moving out of the way a number of times, i got out and muscles shut myself.

When i finally did get to the window, my food was ice cold. I conplained to the manage and was told i had to submit all complaints to them online in order to get a refund, since i had paid online with a credit card.

Fuck You Louisiana, and your little Pizza Hut too

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