Monday, August 1, 2011

Louisiana Residents

Is it really all that difficult to be on time? Or be prepared? Apparently it is for people in Louisiana. Today, I will be spotlighting one such incident on 'Fuck You Louisiana!'

If someone responds to your ad on craigslist or wherever, and you set up a time and place to meet, it is generally considered pretty simple to show up on time. Unless you live in Louisiana. In that case, you show up 20 minutes late. In addition, you also tell me that you didn't bring exact change because you where never intending on paying my asking price (notice how they think its an asking price; its not. It's the price, damn it!). This adds another 20 fucking minutes to what should have only taken 5 at the most. So in summary...

Fuck You Louisiana!
Sincerely, me

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