Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hoppes Elite Bore Gel and Gun Cleaner - A Double Fisted Hands on Review

Yes, I have finally entered the modern age of gun cleaning products, forsaking my tried and true hoppes #9 solvent. It seems to have turned out ok.

 I'll review in the order of use. I had just finished testing a batch of new .308 loads, and set about the odious chore of cleaning my rifle. Normally, it would have involved a fistful of patches and a good deal of #9 solvent, not to mention 20 or 30 minutes of elbow grease. This time around, I ran a wet patch through the bore and let it sit for 4 or 5 minutes. Next, I soaked a nylon brush in the cleaner and scrubbed the barrel 20 times and ran another wet patch through to clean out the mess, followed by a dry patch to see how much of a dent I had made. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bore was almost completely clean! The only traces of fouling, was a bit of copper fowling, which I set out to remove with a few drops from my brand new bottle of bore gel.
Following the instructions on the bottle, I ran a wet patch through the bore and let it sit. After an appropriateamount of time, I ran another wet patch, scrubbed the bore with a nylon brush, and ran a patch soaked in gun cleaner through the bore to clean it out. The next dry patch came out clean.

Good things: Both items clean efficiently and quickly with a minimum of time and effort expended. I like.

Bad things: a bit more expensive than I would prefer, but sometimes quality requires cash. I can live with it.

Over all: Buy this. You will like it.

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