Friday, April 1, 2011

Gangster for good?

So apparently keeping my word makes me a bad person. I was always taught that your word is your bond, but apparently in the world of today that has gone by the wayside. I posted a number of things for sale on a local site (not craigslist, that site sucks imho...), including a pair of Wilson Combat 1911 mags. I know they arent in their original package and that, while near-new, I would be able to get rid of them faster if I marked them down a few bucks. So I did. First person who contacted me offered my asking price, so I said "sure, when and where?". We set a time, and I figured that was that.

I was wrong.

Next person who contacted me offered more than I was asking, but I told them I had already promised them to someone else but that if the first person didnt show, they where next in line. They where ok with that. At first...

Long story short, the first guy shows up right on time and he gets the mags for a great price. I go ahead and mark them "sold" on the website, and no more than 30 minutes later I get an email from the second gentleman asking how much the first guy paid me. I told him, and he became very mad at me and called me a moron for not selling them to him since he had offered 5 bucks more than the other guy.

So I said "Fuck you asshole, Screw off!" and tried my best to slam my cell phone. It's not that I cant use any extra 5 or 10 bucks in my pocket; I can, believe me. But if you think your going to buy me off after I have already given someone else my word, then you are way off the mark. And you're a dick for trying.

It's a shame that people these days think that money can buy anything. The values passed down to us by our grandparents and great grand parents are vanishing faster and faster in a time where they are needed more than ever.

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