Friday, April 8, 2011

dear mr president

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Dear Sir,

We write to you this day with questions on our mind and emotions running high. We don't always understand or agree with what you do or why, but we swore an oath that we would follow your orders until the end. We did it without remorse and of our own free will, asking little or nothing in return. We gave up some of our personal freedoms and accepted limitations on others so that our sacrifice would keep our friends, family and fellow countrymen safe.

We don't know a lot about politics, and what we do know changes so fast that we can hardly keep track. Some of us are more liberal than others, others more conservative. We don't stick our noses in your arena very often, because as our Commander in Chief we trust you to make the right decision and look out for our well being.

When you stood up and took that oath and became our president you took on the mantel of commander of the armed forces. Its a solemn duty to lead us and direct us at the very highest level. But with all due respect, that is a two edged swrod. You took on responsibility for the wellfare of every man and women in uniform, to provide us with the tools that we need to do the job, to keep us fed and housed so that we can fulfill our own oath to defend this great country.

It is in this light that we find ourselves in trouble. This week you have threatened to veto a measure in the congress that would keep us, the troops, the people you swore to be responsible for, from having to go without a paycheck this month. Not even President Clinton blocked a similar measure, nor President Reagan before him. It would be one thing is it was truly necessary to do this in order to improve the economy or whatever else. Its quite another for you to use our paychecks as a bargaining chip as you try to barter your own politics through a republican heavy congress. The fact that you are holding the welfare of your own people hostage is despicable and terrible in a way that we can not fathom.

So we respectfully ask you to leave us the hell out of it. We agree that the congress (on both sides of the aisle) are not helping things by perpetuating this insane budget argument. But the welfare of the US military is a factor that never should have been added to the mix, save protecting it from any further meddling. We are all disgusted with how long this has dragged on for different and widely varying reasons, but its not our fight. Stop dragging us into it.

We don't fight for your politics. We don't labor for your policy. We don't bleed for your agenda, and we certainly don't die for your 'change'.

We live, sleep, eat, breath, sweat, bleed and die for the United States of America. We are responsible not just to you, but to the sacred honor of all American fighting men who have died to keep this country safe. We are not a commodity with which to be bartered; stop treating us like one.

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