Saturday, March 26, 2011

Freaking Kidding Me?! Next person who reports "suprise", "offensive", and "Duke Nukem" in the same sentence is getting caps lock'd!

Can you really tell me that you are surprised that the new Duke Nukem Forever game is offensive in as many ways as possible? Where have you been for the last two decades? This family of video games has been objectifying and degrading women since the very beginning. If you expect me or many others to share you outrage, then you're bitching to the wrong audience. Lets analyze further, shall we?
This is the same kind of crowd that is offended by any of us that don't feel any shame or remorse for visiting the local titty bar. They can't find it in themselves to tell their own kids "no", so now it is societies responsibility to prevent anything offensive from being created in the first place. And to you, I say "Fxxx You!!!". 
 Get off your ass and be a fxxxing parent and/or responsible adult! It's not societies job to keep your little angels safe from the dirty little secrets of the real world. Its your job. This isn't North Korea (thank god) where you can censor anything and pretend like it doesn't exist. This is America, where we have the freedom to express ourselves within the constraints of state and federal law; That's a hell of a lot of freedom! The tough side of it is that the freedom we love and take for granted goes hand in hand with the responsibility to exercise a little self control. The responsibility to avoid overindulging is YOURS!
Duke Nukem games are like the strip clubs of the video game world. We play them because we don't have to listen to some random bitch tell us what to do (Fuck you Cortana!); all we want is to shoot some lead, kill some monsters and get ahold of a little eye candy every level or two. Too hard to understand? Ok, I'll explain further... You notice how every paragraph I have some kind of pic or clipart or some shit? It's because no one has the patience for text any more. You have to trick them into reading on with colors and  random shit. The trick is, that random shit must be something a majority of people will be interested in. In the case of this blog, the answer is chicks, alcohol or guns!

See, look! You moved on to the next paragraph! Good job! Anyway, what i'm really saying here is that if you take issue with something that is being released to the public market, then it is your responsiblity to either a) enjoy it and make sure not to let it get out of hand or take over your life, or b) make sure your kids and you don't buy or play it, and leave the rest of us (who DO want to play it) the hell alone. Kapeesh?

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