Friday, March 25, 2011

Chain - Hands on Review

In honor of my idiot dogs digging up my entire yard and forcing me to spend a hundred bucks on new grass seed, I bought each of them a shiny new 6 foot length of steel chain and a stake to attach it to.

First I want to say "Stop whining and be happy. If it where up to me, I would just leave you in the woods next time I  have a day off. The only reason you're not getting shot is that it wasn't your fault for being stuck out there all day with nothing to do. Neither was it mine. But I digress..." (Hmmm, I wonder if there might be a girlfriend/wife.significant other factor that's not being mentioned here? lol).

Anyways, for all you ass pirates with a hard on for animals, if you don't like that I chain my dogs when they go out for 10 minutes to shit and piss then you can come fill in the holes they dig and re-sod my yard. 

Now if I can just find them each a good, powerful anti-bark collar I'll be all set...

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